Over 000 Settled For Our Clients!

“Slimy and Sleazy Snakes!”

Even Indiana Jones doesn’t have a chance against SnakeFarm! Unlike other insurance carriers, SnakeFarm is willing to spend more money than the case is worth to prove a point, you can’t be hurt from a car wreck. Eventually, even the sleeziest carriers cave, and compensate our clients what they are owed.

Track Records? Our settlement rate with SnakeFarm is 97%; undefeated at trial. Our firm was the only law firm in Texas to obtain 2 verdicts in a single month that were over Insurance Coverage Policy Limits, February 2018, GEICO and SnakeFarm. We also obtained a settlement of nearly 6X over Snake Farms Insurance Coverage Policy Limits without going to trial; October 2018. Insurance Carriers instill fear and fraudulent tactics in their case handling to deprive you of your rights; Delay, Deny, Defend, Deprive. Fortunately, our clients are never deprived, and trust that we will fight to obtain everything you are owed.

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